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What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is an easy way to remember ip address of a website. Yes, it is the first impression of what visitors see. And a good domain name will make a lasting, positive, and good impression. It also affects the performance of SEO of your website and defines your brand to build online. Rather than typing in a series of numbers (the IP address) in the address bar, it is something that you can remember easily, making it incredibly useful. For example, it is very much easier to type into the address bar than a number like

Why do I Need to Know the Expiration of a Domain Name?

Think about all the priceless work you have put into a website and branded over the internet. If you don’t know about the expiration date of your domain name, all the time and effort you have put into developing your brand is now in critical jeopardy if you let the expiration lapse the date. While your domain name belongs to you right now, your domain ownership can slip through your fingers if you aren’t very careful and don’t keep track of the domain expiration date. (Here’s a tip to avoid this – make sure your auto-renew feature is enabled!)

On the other hand, if you are aware of a "dead site" with a good domain name or if you just want to keep track of certain domain names, you will want to know as soon as the expiration date comes up, so you can be the first one to bid on it when it goes to auction.

What Happens When a Domain Name Expires?

When the domain expiration date of a domain passes, there are different kind of stages it will go through. Often, your hosting companies will first contact the owner with a number of billing attempts to renew your domain. After that, there is a little grace period where the owner can repurchase the domain name, plus an additional "redemption fee". If the owner doesn’t get in touch and the fee isn’t paid, the domain is set for auction and available for bid. If the auction period ends with no buyers, it gets added back to the domain registry where it can be purchased on the open market.

How Does this Tool Work?

This tool is quite very simple – copy & paste a domain name into the text box and click "CHECK" button. Our domain expiration checker will tell you if the domain is available or not, or if the domain is registered and has an expiration date. You can add a reminder about the expiration date via our "Add to Google Calendar" link button.